ERC - Temecula Valleys Only Certified Electronic Waste Recycler

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E-Waste Collector
We collect your E-Waste! There are fees for certain items, please refer to our list below for details.
Solar Outlet
Our warehouse has Bulk Solar merchandise, stop by and check it out! Call ahead for availability. We do not do installs.


Items Accepted
As of 10/15/2022
TVs CRT Monitors LCD Monitors TV Cable Boxes Modems or Wi-Fi Routers DVD or VCR Players Stereo Equipment Desktops, Laptops (Broken or working) General Computer Parts and Pieces Keyboards, Mice Networking Equipment Laptop Batteries UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) Scanners, Printers Cell Phones (All types new or old) Office Phones, Telecommunication Equipment Video Game Consoles Small Appliances (microwaves, toasters, toaster ovens, coffee pots, espresso machines, small coolers, small office refrigerators, and small ac units) Batteries (Typical AAA, AA, D, C Disposable Batteries)
Items Not-Accepted
Motor Oil Liquid of any kind Large Household Appliances (Large Fridges, Stoves, Washers, Dryers) *small appliances are accepted Hazardous Waste (Contact us for drop off locations)

DIY Solar Outlet

We've got everything you need to complete a solar installation. Start to finish. On-site advisors available to recommend items for project specifications. Please inquire ahead of time through our business line or visit us for available inventory.

DIY Solar Outlet

We collect E-Waste!

Charges may apply. There are certain things we accept and certain things we cannot accept. Inquire via phone ahead of time if you have any questions on our acceptance policies. Thank you!

We collect E-Waste!

Bulk Inventory

Many of our customers note "It's an Adventure". Our inventory is revolving and constantly changing. Stop by weekly to see what's new!

Bulk Inventory

“Plenty of Satisfied Customers. Check out our reviews.”

“Pretty good place to find and use computer parts, even when some bits and pieces are duds, its still cheap enough to easily recover from, the first time I was there I got a whole monitor and it still works. I do recommend going here before you buy something online” - Averie - Google
“Awesome deals. Well organized. The staff is always willing to make a deal. Nice if you need copper wire/circuit breakers/motors/old computers and laptops/solar panels/cleaning supplies.... You name it. Also attached next door is a place to bring all your recycling as well.” Luke De Ruyter - Google
“Every time it's a new adventure. Great place for sourcing materials. I always stop here first when I start a project. Highly highly highly recommended.” Brandon Ausmus - Google